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NP PLITVICE LAKES (distance 65 km)


Plitvice Lakes are composed of 16 interlinked lakes between the mountains of Mala Kapela and Plješivica in the region of Lika. The whole area is on certain maps called the Devil's Garden, due to its landscape and history. According to the legend the Plitvice lakes were created after a long period of drought. People, animals and nature were longing for water, even the Black River went dry. People prayed and prayed. Then appeared in the valley the Black Queen with her magnificent suite; a strong wind begun to blow and with a thunder rain fell down on earth. The rain was falling until the water had grown enough to create the Lakes.

The lake system is divided into the upper lakes and the lower lakes. The highest of them is Prošcansko Lake (639m) and the lowest is Novakovica Brod (503m). The upper lakes, surrounded by thick forests and interlinked by numerous waterfalls, lie in a dolomite valley, while the lower lakes, smaller and shalower, surounded only by sparse underbrush, lie on the limestone bedrock. The lakes receive most of their water from rivers called Black River nd White River. After the waterfall Sastavci on the lower lakes, the lakes' water continue to the korana river and the Plitvice brook, which falls from an elevation of 76m. Cliffy rocks around the lakes and along Korana comprise 14 caves in limestone and 6 caves in travertine.

Climate is alpine. The water temperature in Prošcansko lake and Kozjak reaches even 24°C in summer. The whole region is coverd with snow from November till the end of March; the lakes are frozen in December and January offering a magical view on the winter landscape.



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