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RIVIJERA PAKLENICA - where mountain touches the sea

Riviera Paklenica covers the area of more than 200 km2. Area of RIVIJERA PAKLENICA stretches from the western side from Tribanj-Mandalina, from eastern side up to Modric, and the northern frontier of RIVIJERA PAKLENICA is on the heights of Velebit. Velebit is a 145 km long mountain range that separates Mediterranean from the continental part of Croatia. As such natural corridor it contributes to climate conditions. It is an ideal mixture of Mediterranean and mild mountain climate and as such is healthy. During summers it is never unbearably hot because there is always a light mistral, and winters are mild with occasional strong bora. Mountain Velebit, Karst giant with a complex eco system was in 1978 included into the protection and scientific research program for the benefit of humanity within the Organization of United Nations for education, science and culture.
Below the highest peaks of the mountain there are two canyons squeezed between giant rocks - Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons. The area of Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons, natural phenomenon of Croatian Karst with the rich flora and fauna was in 1949 proclaimed The National park of Croatia.

Numerous legends were told beside the family hearths about the canyons cut into Velebit - the Croatian Olympus. One of the scariest and most beautiful one is that about the Velebit fairies who with their beauty enchanted young men to serve them as slaves of love or...

Although we doubt in the existence of the fairies it's sure that each visitor will be captivated with the beauty of nature. Paklenica national park joins the most beautiful and versatile sights of Velebit, and challenges each nature lover, regardless if it is the picnicker or mountaineer to stroll the paths, meet the secrets of the canyons and research the truth behind the one eyed giant of the Manita cave that irresistibly reminds us of the Ulysses meeting the Cyclops Polifem, who was blinded by the Ithaca canning man, or to get know the life and friendly people from this climate.

The centre of RIVIJERA PAKLENICA is Starigrad-Paklenica antique Argyruntum. It is considered that Argyruntum was founded at the place of prehistoric settlement during the time of emperor Tiberius, and that it was Roman municipal whose inhabitants had a status of Roman citizens. Rich heritage of china dishes, luxurious jewellery, tools, weapons and a collection of glass items of high value confirm that Argyruntum was one of the civilization, cultural and economic centres of these parts of antique Croatia. The collection is kept in archaeological museum in Zadar.

Archaeological findings in Milovci near Starigrad-Paklenica prove that there were conditions for population of Palaeolithic man, and findings (Neolithic china) from Vaganac cave give us the data on the life of Neolithic man.
Later history witnesses about economic and cultural richness of these parts:
- Velebit graveyards - traditional graveyards
- St. Peter church - pre-Romanic sacral building from the 10th century
- Vecka tower - ruins of the castle during the time of the attack of the Turks on the seaside
- St. Mary's church - votive sanctuary where Assumption is traditionally celebrated on August 15 at Veliko Rujno (900 m a/s)

The fact that the educational program started as early as 1894 is another proof of cultural and historical heritage of Starigrad-Paklenica.
Until the beginning of the development of tourism in the 1950s the citizens of Starigrad -Paklenica were oriented towards continental areas and only with the beginning of the development of tourism they are beginning to focus on the seaside area. Even today the people of this area live the simple life of their ancestors fishermen, shepherds, olive growers, beekeepers, winegrowers...
The first visit to RIVIJERA PAKLENICA - Milovac family is an adventure to unknown. All other travels will be adventures to familiar but nevertheless different and you will always again be captured by the beauty of these parts.


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